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FUNAI Online Shop Terms and Conditions

§ 1. General Provisions

  1. The owner of the online shop, located at www.funai.eu, hereinafter referred to as the “Shop”, is the FUNAI ELECTRIC EUROPE Sp. z o. o., based in Warsaw, 02 - 146 Warsaw, based in ul. 17 Stycznia 45 b, Poland, with Tax Identification Number 525 237 43 23, National Official Business Register Number 140677458, registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs by the District Court in Zielona Gora, Enterprise Division VIII of the National Court Register under number KRS 0000265200, with a share capital of EUR 132,600,000.00 PLN
  2. The Branch address is also the sales correspondence address and reads as follows: FUNAI ELECTRIC EUROPE Sp. z o. o., ul. 17 Stycznia 45 b, 02 - 146 Warsaw, Poland.
  3. All prices listed in the Shop are gross prices (including VAT). When shipping goods within the European Union, the prices do not include any additional customs charges or taxes. The transaction currency is the Euro.
  4. Orders may only be placed through the Shop website at www.funai.eu. The price indicated for the product at the time that the Customer places the order is binding. Similarly binding is all other information indicated on the Shop website such as: the contents of the product, the cost of delivery, and all other terms and conditions that apply to that product contents at the time that the Customer places the order.
  5. The contents of the Shop are not on offer. The customer shall place an order using the mechanisms available on the Shop website to buy a particular product under the terms and conditions specified in the description. When an order is placed in the Shop, a contract of sale is made the moment that the Customer has received the goods ordered (by means of written acknowledgment of receipt of the goods by the Customer on taking delivery of those goods by courier or postman).
  6. The Shop team shall make every effort to ensure that the descriptions and technical specifications of the products listed in the Shop are accurate. The Shop shall take no responsibility for any errors in the specified parameters and properties of a product, or any sudden changes made to them by the manufacturer. However, in every case where the details (including product descriptions and technical specifications) that is presented on the Shop website at the date that the Customer places an order, is found not to fully comply with that stated, within a period of 10 days from the date of purchase, the Customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason in accordance with the provisions of the act of 2nd March 2000 for the protection of consumer rights and for responsibility for damage caused by an unsafe product (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland no 22, Item 271, as later amended), and Directive 97/7/WE of the European Parliament and the Council of 20.05.1997 on the protection of consumers in respect of mail-order contracts (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, EU. L. 97/144/19).

§ 2.Order completion

  1. The terms and conditions for completing an order shall be activated through registration by the Customer (i.e. personal data such as first name, last name, delivery address, telephone number and e-mail address which are required to enable our staff to verify the accuracy of the order). After accepting the order, the vendor shall confirm the order by e-mail. The Shop may refuse to complete an order if the accuracy of the order details cannot be confirmed.
  2. The moment that an order is confirmed by the vendor by e-mail, there is an opportunity to correct any errors in the personal data or cancel/change the order if it was wrongly placed. Any subsequent changes made to the order may be difficult, since after confirmation of the order by the vendor, the order will be processed and the goods may be on their way to the Customer. However, every time an order is placed, the Shop customer services will make every effort to make any required changes to the order delivery details, and also change the contents of the order (at the time of dispatch of the order), including cancellation of the order by the Customer.
  3. Where justified, the Shop reserves the right to refuse an order or to impose restrictions on the payment method.
  4. The delivery time depends on the chosen method of payment and the method of shipment, and is around 5 to 14 working days. The delivery time is the time required to provide ready shipment to the Customer. It is equal to the total order completion time if the ordered products are available in the Shop warehouse. In the event that the ordered goods are temporarily unavailable in the Shop warehouse, this time may be longer. Where this is the case, the Customer shall always be informed by e-mail or telephone after placing the order.
  5. Ordered goods shall be delivered by courier or standard mail. The Customer shall be charged for delivery as indicated at the time of placing the order, unless there is a valid promotional offer which states otherwise.
  6. The Shop only sells in selected European Union countries, namely: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Germany and Austria. .
  7. A proof of purchase (invoice) shall be sent separately and shall not be attached to the goods ordered. Any errors in the details specified on the invoice must be notified within 7 working days from receipt of that invoice.
  8. Purchases made from the Shop can be paid for as follows:
    1. By transfer to the BRE Bank SA using the following bank account number: 19 1140 1010 0000 5339 7200 1002. The goods shall be dispatched after the appropriate amount has been received in the account.
    2. Payment by credit or debit card - payment acceptance shall be made by PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A. (“PayPal Europe”), 5th Floor, 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449, Luxembourg
    3. Transfer - Acceptance of payments made by PayPal Europe. The period of validity of the contract is 14 days from the date of its receipt, in case of non-payment order is canceled.

  9. The period of validity of the contract is 14 days from the date of its receipt, in case of non-payment order is canceled.

§ 3. Guarantee and return of goods

  1. All products offered by the Shop are brand new and free from physical and legal defects, and have a manufacturer's guarantee which applies in those countries specified under § 2, point 6. The detailed Terms and Conditions of the guarantee are set out in the printed guarantee issued by the guarantor, and on request can be sent via e-mail prior to purchase. All products have guarantees that will be honoured directly by the manufacturer's authorised service centres.
  2. In each case, all products shall be covered by the guarantee of the seller under the terms of the Act of 27/07/2002 regarding the detailed terms and conditions of consumer sales and amendments to the Civil Code (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland No. 141, Item. 271, as later amended), and Directive 1999/44/WE of the European Parliament and Council of 25 May 1999 regarding specific aspects of the sale of consumer goods and associated guarantees (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, EU. L 97/144/19).
  3. During the 10 day delivery period for the goods ordered, the Customer has the right of return without giving a reason for the withdrawal of the order, in accordance with the principles deriving from the provisions for placing mail orders (i.e. in accordance with the legal regulations, article 7 of the Act of 02.03.2000 regarding the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products - Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, No. 22, Item. 271 as later amended, and Directive 97/7/WE of the European Parliament and Council of 20.05.1997 regarding consumer protection for mail order agreements (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland. EU. L. 97/144/19) vendors submitting a written statement.  Merchandise returned in this way will only be accepted if it is sent back in the original undamaged packaging with the complete contents (the device, any other attached devices and accessories, the instructions, the guarantee, the original proof of purchase, etc.), and the product itself and accessories are undamaged and bear no signs of use.
  4. Goods returned in this way should be sent to the Shop address at the expense of the Customer. In the event of failure by the Customer of any of the conditions set out in points 3 and 4 of this §, the Shop reserves the right not to accept the returned shipment or any allegation of ineffectiveness regarding withdrawal from the agreement.
  5. Returned shipments must be accompanied by a written statement of withdrawal, the Customer's personal details, and a clear indication of which way the Customer wants to receive the charge paid for the goods (the cost of delivery is non-refundable): by bank transfer to a bank account (please give details of the account holder and account number) or by crediting the Customer's payment card (credit).
  6. In the event of withdrawal from the agreement, the money shall be returned within 7 working days of receipt of the returned package together with the declaration of withdrawal from the agreement.
  7. The guarantee and the right of withdrawal shall not apply if the product has been physically damaged by external means. For this reason, before accepting the product from the courier, always check that the packaging has not been damaged in transport. In particular, note the condition of any straps or seals glued on the product packaging.  If the product packaging shows any signs of shipment damage or if the seals (tapes) are broken, the product should not be accepted, a damage report should be made out in the presence of the courier and the vendor should be contacted as soon as possible in order to clarify the matter. Checking of the product packaging on delivery is a necessary condition to take account of any customer claims for damage or theft of items in transit.
  8. In the event of unjustified complaints or where the product has been damaged by the user, the Customer shall be liable for all the costs of the above-mentioned procedures.

§ 4 . Personal data protection

  1. When placing an order, the Customer consciously agrees to the processing and use of personal data in order to process the order, and also for use in the handling of complaints and to facilitate possible future purchases. This data shall not be processed or used for any other purpose, unless the Customer gives consent when making the order that the data may be used marketing purposes. Consent for processing personal data for marketing purposes is not mandatory and is not required for placing an order.
  2. The Shop Customer Database shall be registered in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29.08.1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (consolidated text, Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, 2002, No. 101, Item. 926, as later amended) with the General Inspector for Personal Data Protection in Poland.
  3. Personal data contained in the Shop Customer Database shall be processed exclusively for the requirements of the Shop, and such data is not and will not be made available to other customers. This data shall be collected with due diligence and shall be adequately protected against access by unauthorised people in accordance with Polish law, i.e. the Act of 29.08.1997 for the Protection of Personal Data (consolidated text, Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, 2002, No. 101, Item. 926, as later amended). The Customer has the right to amend, update or correct personal data, and temporarily or permanently withhold or erase such data where it is incomplete, outdated, untrue or collected in violation of the Act referred to above, or is no longer required for the purpose for which it was collected. The Customer also has the right to object to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes.
  4. The Shop website has been designed in such a way that it can be visited without identifying yourself and without disclosing any personal information. Whenever the webpages on the Shop website are visited, no data is ever collected that identifies either the visitor or the visitor's computer.

§ 5. Final Provisions

  1. These Terms and Conditions are part of the concluded purchase agreement between the Shop and the Customer. The content of these Terms and Conditions is binding on both parties in accordance with the wording at the time that the Customer places the order.
  2. By placing an order in the Shop, you accept the provisions of these Terms and Conditions that apply on the day the order was placed.
  3. Specific actions relating to the implementation of services in the Shop which are not listed above, are described in other parts of the website and form an integral part of the Terms and Conditions.
  4. Any disputes arising in connection with the pursuit of purchase agreements between the Shop and the Customer shall be resolved in the first instance by negotiation with the intention of amicably settling the dispute. If, however, this would not be possible or would be unsatisfactory for either party, any disputes shall be resolved by a court appropriate for the registered office of the Shop owner.
  5. The vendor reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions during the period of their validity.
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